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Important Notice

Dear Customers,

Sadly we have to implement some changes to our shipping prices and the way we send your slides.

As per 01-01-2020 a total of 193 different postal services worldwide have changed their way to separate letter mail from goods. From 01-01-2020 we are not longer able or allowed to send out slides for the price of letter mail, as we have done the past 20 years. From 01-01-2020 we will have to send out the slides as goods, and will have to register them in advance at the customs services of the country you live. This will have to be done digitally and the envelopes will be registered as parcels.

We have spoken to our national mail carrier and understand that when we do not send your slides the new method the receiving customs agency is allowed to burn the envelope with its contents !! Although the risk of this happening within the EU is small we have been warned that several countries, and named were, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Turkey will have a very low tolerance of not correctly shipped goods.

To prevent this we will now be using the new shipping methods. This will mean the following:

Minimum shipping price for the EU € 7,50
Minimum shipping price outside EU € 10,-

For both these prices the weight limitation are 0kg - 2kg (0 pounds - 4.4 pounds)
For both these prices this is without track and trace and insurance

(Of course we are always willing to sort out other shipping methods like track and trace, insured or use another mail service, but to our knowledge at the moment this is the lowest price).

To help keep the hobby financially available to all our customers we now offer the service to hold on to slides for you until we have reached a number of slides to make sending the slides together economical. We will gladly combine slides from our website www.aviationslides.com with slides of any auction website.

Finally, if anybody has an idea or wants to work together, for instance us sending the slides of several people to 1 person who than sends the slides of his friends to them via national mail, please let me know. We are willing to work with any ideas that helps this hobby going.