We offer quality Kodak Kodachrome slides mainly for military aviation slide collectors. The site will be updated regularly and new items will be added. Many slides were made under operational circumstances, meaning that there might be covers, stairs, etc. around or on the aircraft. Please look at the sample scan of the slide to see if you like the composition and setting. For opening a photo, please click on the slide code.

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The slides sold through www.AviationSlides.com are for collecting purposes only. The copyright remains with the photographer. If you would like to use a slide for publication contact us at info@aviationslides.com.

Slides in stock

The number of slides in stock may vary from 1 to 40. We will update the website regularly and delete all items that are sold out. It might be possible that a certain ordered slide is still listed on the website, but is out of stock and we will let you know through the order confirmation. If you want to be sure a specific slide is available, please ask through info@aviationslides.com.

Ordering slides

Orders can only be placed by e-mail using the instructions which are clearly stated in the Order Form on the website. Orders will be confirmed as soon as possible and processed in the order of arrival.

On the confirmation you will find the total amount that has to be paid. All ordered items will be reserved until your payment is received. If payment is not received 14 days after we confirmed the order, slides will be put back in stock and will be available for sale again. If, for some reason, payment will take longer than 14 days, please contact us directly by e-mail.

Mail delivery

www.AviationSlides.com can not be held responsible for loss or damage in the mail. We handle with care and ship our slides properly. We send slides using unregistered priority airmail. If you desire another shipping method please inform us with your order.


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Shipping & Handling

We ship all over the world and the cost for shipping can be found on the Order Form page.

Returning ordered slides

Before you order, please look at the composition of the slide by clicking on the slide code, so in this manner you can observe if you like the angle, weather and surroundings of the shot. When, for any reason possible, you are not satisfied with a certain slide, there is an option to return this item to us.
In case of returning a slide, please let us first know through info@aviationslides.com. You can return the slide to us by mail and remember that all postage fees will have to be paid by the returning party. After we received your returned item, the cost of this slide will be credited on your next order. No money can be returned.

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